Talk Concert for “Discovery of Romance” 08.02.14Musical Guests: Rooftop Moonlight / One More Chance / Acoustic Collabo
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돌아오는 길
서인국 (Seo In Guk) · 고교처세왕 OST Part 4
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What can I do..
I don’t know how to find myself
Can’t move on until I find myself

qq minseok, my heart..
bb, lemme hold ur hand
『Discovery of Romance』

Hyesung Radio feat. Minwoo & “Dongwan” & Junjin (trans.)

gosh guys..lbr

the remake is bomb. but i also need a steve-only version. btw this is def gonna be nonstop replay for the month. THEN NEXT MONTH AND ANOTHER RELEASE. this project is the highlight of my fg life rn.. /sobs

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Buen Camino
신혜성 & 린(Lyn) · Once Again #1
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Buen Camino feat. Lyn

steve likes singing with lyn bc he’s comfortable with her, and also because they had a lot of duets in the past together, so he was pretty bent on having his project open with her as his first partner. /ps. his little ‘good morning’ like LOL STOP. i’m 101% contemplating on that being my morning call/

as for the song, i have nothing but high hopes bc i love the song and i doubt they’ll kill it; like lbr, is that even possible..