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Dongwan during VCR filming
you know you liked this part



there are two kinds of people 

​i love how the other members are always trying their best to look cool and hot for the cameras whenever they go to airports.. meanwhile here we have kyungsoo going like “fuck that. it’s cold. im going to keep myself warm”

Kyungsoo fighting xD

you know it’s over when you memorize their birthdays

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eric. you are dating. what. how.

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Junjin’s fansite turned into ‘On Hoojin’s Side’ /lmfaoican’t

RS fansite turns into a fansite for grandmothers 60+

Anonymous asked;
i dont think this (/post/81237061125/hyesung-16th-ann-con-c) was from the 16th anniv concert. hair/outfit was more like the 2013 grand tour the classic finale. definately.

ahh i knew it looked familiar. okay! because the blog i found it on labeled it as that, so i just assumed..lol but gonna make the change rn! thanks for notifying me (◕‿◕✿)

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Hyesung // 15th ENCORE CON. ©

Hyesung // 16th ANN CON. ©

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does anyone remember?
when the guards were keeping the fans away, hyunjoong stuck out his hand from the back to get a letter from a fangirl. /feels