Anonymous asked: so are you a fan of every group since you like every group?
more like i don’t hate any group. i mean, if you ask me to buy an album of a group, i’ll only buy shinhwa’s or exo’s..
Anonymous asked: wait you like z:ea??!?
/lmfao anon im so sorry/ i like ze:a
i know it’s such a minor correction but still, it’s their name l o l
and yes i like them. they’re all good kids trying to do what they wanna do, and they’re doing their best with what they’ve got. esp with kwanghee being so determined to help the group make it there. they’re all just unicorns trying to make it to the rainbow. and i hope that they make it one day. to the rainbow. /imsrs 


Artist: 2PM


Plays: 50

let’s all listen to it. because i’m so serious this album is pretty okay. 
I thought the worst of car accidents in relation to kpop news would be Super Junior’s.. Ladies’ Code member EunB passed away today in Korea. I honestly didn’t know this group, but the fact that someone so young, passed away so suddenly…
My prayers go out to her family, friends, fans, and the members who were severely injured.

Rest in peace EunB
jongin’s reaction when he sees his fave shinhwa member naked
minsyung on exoshow were like ‘look at these qt bbs, so young n qt’ and they seemed so much more mature. but then you realize when the six of them get together, they act like babies.


(end of video)
Like this forever
Never parting…
*He sang Yoo Jaeha’s “Because I love you”
Your gaze that I felt initially
Was it my own misunderstanding?
You made me into a fool with your bright smile

On the day you left me,
The many pink coloured memories I held in my heart
faded blue

Yesterday I hated myself
for being unable to forget you, who had left
But now I realise
that was me, unique to you

For you who have returned again
I’ll give you everything I have
We, like this forever,
shall never part

Because I still
love only you
Because I love you

- 2014-08-29 Dongwan Youtube update