jongin’s reaction when he sees his fave shinhwa member naked
minsyung on exoshow were like ‘look at these qt bbs, so young n qt’ and they seemed so much more mature. but then you realize when the six of them get together, they act like babies.


(end of video)
Like this forever
Never parting…
*He sang Yoo Jaeha’s “Because I love you”
Your gaze that I felt initially
Was it my own misunderstanding?
You made me into a fool with your bright smile

On the day you left me,
The many pink coloured memories I held in my heart
faded blue

Yesterday I hated myself
for being unable to forget you, who had left
But now I realise
that was me, unique to you

For you who have returned again
I’ll give you everything I have
We, like this forever,
shall never part

Because I still
love only you
Because I love you

- 2014-08-29 Dongwan Youtube update 

Anonymous asked: where do you stream dramas?
lolomg i never stream dramas. like i can’t. but reply 1994 was a golden exception. like i couldn’t wait for that morning so i streamed it from daum tv app. and that was only possible bc there was a channel that streamed it. so when it comes to drama streams, i don’t know. LOL SORRY qq 
Anonymous asked: do you watch the exo thing on a weekly basis?
i definitely don’t stream it that’s for sure, but i do dl it that morning.. i really only stream when i feel like it’s worth it. (‘94, music shows, some variety). but 90:2014 is honestly not that fun. esp knowing it’s just a show for sm to promote their trainee-rookie-group-but-not-really group. it’s annoying. but i’ll still watch. esp bc this week is steve and minwoo. wau.
Anonymous asked: When is the show gonna air. I want to watch it live... Any links?! :)
i’m hoping mnet will make things easy and just stream on their site. but who knows ;-; i’ll update a link if i find one though!!
are you guys excited for this exo90:2014 episode. because i am. and i can’t wait for jongin to be the fanboy within him. and i can’t wait for minsyung. like lbr, it’s so hard to see them bc they’re never on tv outside of promos ;-; this is so rare. and i wish the show would stop showing the trainees. let’s give their airtime to shinhwa. /sorrynotsorry
March 24th 1998 - August 26th 2014